Recycling Site

Trade waste source is as close as practical to the site. 28,930 Cubic metres of Somerset's trade waste is recycled each year on site using a mix of reuse and recycling methods. On site disposal of residue non recyclable waste. On site sorting and recycling of trade waste guarantees that unacceptable waste streams are removed prior to land filling.

The site has an engineered containment system CQA approved and pollution controls suitable for the safe deposit of waste. The Company is committed in their duty of care providing financial provision in the form of a deed of trust and escrow agreement.

Westcombe Waste's recycling success and financial commitment are evidence of its commitment to the environment preserving this important recycling facility for Somerset's Trade Waste in the vicinity of Somerton & Langport.

Recycling Includes:

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Top Soil
  • Sub Soil
  • Hardcore
  • Waste Re-Used
  • High Permeable Clay Used For Environmental Projects
  • Light Waste - Wood, Metal, Plastic, Etc
  • Heavy Waste - Soil, Brick, Block, Concrete Rubble, Etc